About MGC

Vision – To improve the quality of life of communities by applying global knowledge to local context.

Mission – To create new knowledge through rigorous research, build societal capacity for environmental protection, advocate policies that are environment friendly and reach out to communities for their support to environmental causes.

Mu Gamma Consultants Private Limited is a research and consultancy organization aimed at improving the quality of life of communities through environment-friendly solutions, drawing knowledge from global best practices and applying it to the local context. We aim to create a sustainable society. We support organizations that are committed to contributing toward the success of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by helping them identify the right tools, strategies, and actions for achieving sustainable development. Our team of professionals, including scientists, researchers, and consultants, have over three decades of extensive experience at the national and international levels. We have implemented research projects on Plastics & Chemical Pollution; Marine litter (Plastics and Hazardous Chemicals); International Knowledge hub; Emerging Contaminants in food drinking water and riverine systems; Capacity Building and Education; and Contribution to National and International policies/Treaties on waste management. We partner with National and State Governments of India, universities, leading environmental research institutions, civil society organizations, and think tanks/public policy research institutes of national and international repute. MGC has implemented several research projects, developed numerous knowledge products (policy papers/publications), and won several awards for exemplary performance at the national and international levels.

MGC is an equal opportunity employer.

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