Developing Case Studies to showcase climate action by cities under The Urban-LEDS project Phase II (‘Accelerating climate action through the promotion of urban low emission development strategies’)

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The Urban-LEDS II project is a global initiative implemented in about 60 cities in eight countries, and is funded by the European Commission and implemented jointly by UN-Habitat and ICLEI – South Asia (2017-21). Mu Gamma Consultants was involved in developing case studies by summarizing the impacts and results of five demonstration projects implemented in four cities (Thane & Nagpur in India, Rajshahi & Narayanganj in Bangladesh) for wider stakeholder dissemination. The scope of the work included reviewing project information and developing five case studies shedding light on the lessons drawn, the process of developing the technology/approach, demonstrating the efficacy and impacts. The case studies include i) Urban greening and biodiversity improvement through pilot plantation (Rajshahi city, Bangladesh); ii) Increasing urban climate resilience by introducing Internet of Things (IoT) based early flood warning system (Thane city, India); iii) Installation of air quality monitoring system to support evidence-based air quality management (Narayanganj city, Bangladesh); iv) Deployment of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in two building types (public community library and healthcare centre) for sustainable energy integration and enhancing resilience (Narayanganj city, Bangladesh); and v) Development of a Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (LBSAP) to conserve and enhance biodiversity (Nagpur city, India).

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